Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas

I decided to take an online class by Shimelle called Journal Your Christmas. I love Christmas and it's a great way to document all the preparations as well as the big day. The class started on the 1st of December but I didn't sign up until halfway through the month so I am bit behind!

Here is the cover of my album:

Day 1 - the manifesto:

Day 2 - the weather!
(I am very pleased with the photo I took of the tree outside our house)

Day 3 - Christmas cards:
(Hubby made me a card this year using my crafting supplies so I had to make a pocket to hold it!)

Day 4 - Dreaming of a perfect Christmas:

I have really enjoyed working on this album and receiving the email prompts each day. However I am now a bit stuck as my printer has run out of cyan ink so I can't print anymore photos. Also I have discovered that all my photos from Christmas's past are at my parents' house!